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There are one hundred and one reasons why people love apple picking season! However, repeated bending to pick apples one by one off the ground is certainly not one of them. That is how Apple Wizard became the perfect farm tool for your apple picking needs.

Apple Wizard is a fruit picker that lets you enjoy your apple picking activities and still maintain proper posture. When using the Apple Wizard, you just walk as you normally would, guide the apple picker where the apples are and see how it picks them up efficiently and bruise-free! No more struggling over apples, just let the good times roll!

Apple Wizard is a real saver! Not only will it save you time and energy by picking up several apples in just one roll, but also saving you money as the Apple Wizard is cheap and affordable as compared to most apple picker in the market today.

A very handy tool indeed! Since Apple Wizard is lightweight and practical, you can use it anywhere, even for hard-to-reach corners or on uneven terrain. Apple Wizard is durable, it can withstand years of proper use.

Apple Wizard can be used for other fruits in similar size. It can also pick a variety of things which only your imagination is the limit!

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